What is Abortion?

Abortion is an act of direct killing that takes the life of a tiny human being - a life that begins at the point of creation.

Kinds of Abortion:
  • Surgical Abortion - is an action that surgically kills a baby while he is growing in his mother's womb. Depending on the age of the baby at the time that the abortion is carried out, different methods can be used.
  • Medical Abortion - RU-486 (also known as mifepristone) is a chemical used to cause abortion. It was first developed in France in 1981, and recently been brought to America. Although it is referred to as "the abortion pill," it is actually three pills taken at once.
Abortion Concerns:
  • Is abortion a safe procedure? About 1 in 10 women undergoing elective abortion suffers immediate complications, of which one-fifth are considered life threatening.
  • Contraception and abortion. Many times as I have debated, spoken before a large audience or done a radio interview, I have pointed out that American Life League is opposed to all artificial contraception. We favor only natural methods of spacing the births of the children.
  • Abortion and domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence frequently include expectant mothers, particularly those seeking abortions. Counseling these women on breaking the cycle of violence can play a significant role in the outcome of their pregnancies.
The Challenge:
  • Why Should I care? Pro-abortion or pro-life? Fetal tissue or preborn child? safe procedure or dangerous decision? How much do you really know? In the United States, the "right to choose" to kill a preborn child enabled women to have an abortion for any reason, at any time, from the the child's biological beginning until birth: abortion on demand. You may have been told that a pregnant woman aborts a "piece of tissue." But what is really being aborted? It is an empirical, universally accepted, scientific fact that a human being is the subject of an abortion. Every human person begins his or her as new, living, genetically unique, single-celled human being, who immediately direct his or her own specifically human being,activities and development. so the question is no longer "Does abortion kill human being?" but "Is it okay to kill a human being?

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