The RU-486 Medical Abortion

What is it?

RU-486 (also known as mifepristone) is a chemical used to cause abortion. It was first developed in France in 1981, and recently been brought to America. Although it is referred to as "the abortion pill," it is actually three pills taken at once.

RU-486 is a man-made steroid designed to work against a woman's normal, natural state during pregnancy. Sometimes it is called a "medical abortion" or "chemical abortion" because it does not involve surgery - unless the chemicals fail to kill the baby.

How does it work?

During pregnancy, the preborn baby requires a chemical called progesterone. This chemical is produced naturally in the mother's body. It is so valuable to the baby's proper growth and development that some call it "nature's pregnancy hormone."

RU-486 works against this hormone. It breaks down and then destroys the surroundings the baby established in his mother's womb (the placenta), and eventually destroys the baby as well. The chemical cuts off nourishment to teh preborn child, who starves to death inside his mother's womb.

But RU-486 does not work alone. A second chemical is also involved.

How does this second chemical work?

The second chemical (misoprostol), causes cramping and contractions. After RU-486 has killed the tiny boy or girl through starvation, this second chemical is designed to push the dead body out of the mother's womb.

How is an RU-486 abortion done?

During her first visit to the doctor's office or clinic, the woman is given RU-486 pills. This will kill her baby in the womb.

During her second visit, the woman is given pills or suppositories containing the second chemical (misoprostol). This will cause cramping, and the woman eventually expel the dead baby. This could happen at any time after this drug is taken.

During her final doctor's office or clinic visit, a doctor will examine the woman to see if her abortion is complete. If the Ru-486 abortion has failed, the woman will then be scheduled for surgical abortion.

Is an RU-486 abortion safe?

No. Women have died because of RU-486 abortions. Here are some of the side effects:

  • nausea
  • abdominal pain
  • vomiting
  • heavy and extended bleeding
  • heart attack
  • hemorrhage
  • impaired future fertility
What is my best option?

All methods of abortion have risks - physical and emotional. All these methods kill babies.

Please be aware that  these are people willing to help you, listen to your concerns, arrange good prenatal care for you and be supportive as you decide what is best for you and your baby.

Be good to yourself - be good to your baby!

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