The Challenge:

Why Should I Care?

Pro-abortion or pro-life? Fetal tissue or preborn child? safe procedure or dangerous decision? How much do you really know?

In the United States, the "right to choose" to kill a preborn child enabled women to have an abortion for any reason, at any time, from the the child's biological beginning until birth: abortion on demand. You may have been told that a pregnant woman aborts a "piece of tissue." But what is really being aborted? It is an empirical, universally accepted, scientific fact that a human being is the subject of an abortion. Every human person begins his or her as new, living, genetically unique, single-celled human being, who immediately direct his or her own specifically human being,activities and development. so the question is no longer "Does abortion kill human being?" but "Is it okay to kill a human being?"

People argue that a woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body. Think about this? first of all, we do not belong t ourselves, but to God. Second of all, there's another body involved - another person. Does she have the right to do whatever she wants with that person? In the United States, she does, if the person is still inside her body. Abortion is not a criminal offense. But does that make it right? We are outraged when we hear that a newborn baby was killed and tossed in dumpster - yet, we say nothing when a woman who is pregnant has her child killed in ab abortion clinic.

Women have abortions for all kinds of reason - they believed they're too young to raise a child, they've been a victim of rape or incest, they have financial difficulties, emotional problems or other priorities and concerns. But nearly 92% of abortions occur for reasons of convenience. In many cases, parents see their child as a burden, a mistake. The woman becomes pregnant at the "wrong time," and now she and the child's father want to avoid the responsibility of parenting or giving the child up for adoption. Should a woman be able to take another person's life because that person is perceived to be an inconvenience?

Why do people think abortion is Okay?

What would you do to avoid the consequences of your actions? How far would you go to hide something that you did? Let's say you're cheating on an exam and a friend sees you. After that exam, your friend tells you he's turning you in if you don't tell the teacher yourself. Would you kill him so no one would find out?

Or say you steal a T-shirt from a department store. On your way out, the shirt drops out of your jacket and on to the floor. You panic, pick up the shirt and run from the store. A girl who works there sees you and chases you for a few blocks. To make sure that you wouldn't have to face prosecution from the store, do you wait for her after work and kill her?

It is wrong to kill a person simply because he or she came to be as a result of adultery or pre-marital relations. Society has reversed the moral issue. The acts of adultery and having pre-marital relations are the sins - the resulting child is not a sin but precious gift from God. Abortion has become an accepted practice in order to accommodate our lifestyles!

But what if a woman is raped? Isn't abortion justified? Let's see - a horrible crime is committed by a man and who suffers? Can you imagine having to go to jail because your father robbed a bank? Of course not! The woman should not have to suffer through the pain of an abortion, and the child should not be killed because her father committed the horrible crime of rape.

Let's Stop Lying to Ourselves!

Every day, more than 3,500 babies lose their lives through surgical abortion. We don't hear their screams. We don't feel their pain. They can't ask for help. It's easy to turn our backs when we can't see what's going on.

TV, newspapers and the media expose us daily to the acts of violence, terror and hate that infect our world. We watch shows and movies that depict horrific acts of murder, assault and terror. However, there is one act of violence that happens thousands of times every day that you've probably never heard described on TV or in the newspaper. Have you ever seen what an abortion looks like? Even abortionists know that the best way to keep abortion legal and common is to avoid talking about it. Colorado abortionist Warreb Hern said, "Television interviews in particular should focus on the public issue involved and not on the specific procedure."

Keeping the focus away from what's really going on has kept us and the world silent.

More often than not, women submit to abortions knowing little or nothing about what is going to happen to them and their babies. Doctors and clinic workers will even withhold information and dodge questions, knowing that those women could change their minds if given the entire truth. One veteran abortionist said, "They [the women] are never allowed to look at the ultrasound because we knew that if they so much as heard the heart beat, they wouldn't want to have an abortion."

Would abortion remain decriminalized if everyone could see what it entails, or at least be told the truth about what really happens? Would the majority of women even want abortions if they were to know what it is they are asking for?

In a study detailed in the New England Journal of Medicine, 10 women were shown ultrasound images of their babies immediately prior to their scheduled abortions. Nine of the women left the clinic and chose life for their babies. How many other women would choose life if they knew the truth?


You should care because abortion is murder and 1/4 of your generation is dead! They were killed by abortion! Abortion affects all of us whether we realize it or not. Just think of the millions of people we'll never know because they were killed by abortion. And how many people do you know right now who are suffering because they aborted their children, or are in denial about it?


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